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Meat Distribution Services

Kuna Foodservice is a proud meat distributor that has been serving the Midwest since 1918. Kuna started as a small family-owned butcher shop in south St. Louis. The years have passed and we continue to grow, but we remain loyal to our true values cultivated by that tiny butcher shop.

Kuna Foodservice’s President, Dan Bippen, firmly believes that a story must be told to fully understand why Kuna’s customers are getting the best beef available. We’ve been putting together the chapters of this story for nearly a hundred years.

Why Kuna Is Different

Kuna—while similar to a lot of family-owned protein processors—has differentiated themselves not only in capital investment in its facility (the most state-of-the-art facility in the Midwest), but also in raw materials specified to move through this facility.

Because the days of taking protein right from the hoofs is long gone for the small processor, Kuna always looks at consistency and quality from not only name brands in the industry but name brands that harvest the best beef known throughout the world.

Kuna concentrates its purchases from mainly two brands from just two facilities. Those brands are Greater Omaha Packing Company (Omaha, Nebraska) and IBP (Dakota City, Iowa). Why only those two plants? Here’s why:

  • Consistency in product & service
  • Quality in product & service
  • Managed relationships
  • Employees that care about their customers

Both of these brands and plants harvest only angus cattle that have been grain fed, raised in the “corn belt.”

Our Meat Distribution Philosophy

Angus-bred cattle that are corn fed from the Midwest are known to not only be the best tasting, but also offer a consistency in quality and marbling unmatched by any other cattle in the world. 85% of the animals processed by these facilities grade out as USDA choice or better.

Kuna’s philosophy is that if you process the best beef with the best technology available—while utilizing the best equipment and the best employees—then you are selling the best.

Don’t you want to provide the best beef to your customers? You will find that here at Kuna Foodservice. Contact us today to speak with a sales representative to learn why you can trust Kuna as your meat distributor.


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