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Sustainability and Community

Sustainability and Community

2016 Kuna Sustainability Policy:

Kuna is fully committed to being socially and environmentally responsible in delivering the highest quality of sustainable products while minimizing both the company’s and their customers’ Carbon Footprint. Employees are strongly encouraged and supported in their personal endeavors for combating social problems and developing a more environmentally-sustainable future.

Kuna Building:
Sustainability and building green were major considerations in the design and construction of Kuna’s Dupo facility in 2008. Plant features include Carlisle System TPO white roof to minimize sunlight/heat influence, automatic doors on cooler and freezer units sensing employee entrance and departure to lessen temperature maintenance variation, controlled lighting in warehouse so maximum lighting is used only when employee is present, controlled lighting in office and parking lot areas to avoid unnecessary lighting when vacant, sectional thermostat scheduling to minimize heating and cooling energy during non-production hours, automatic flush bathroom facilities and washing sensor units to conserve water usage. Kuna’s continual improvement of plant facilities include recently implementing LED office and warehouse lighting replacement of fluorescent lighting thereby reducing energy cost and landfill waste.

Kuna Plant and Office Procedures:
Kuna’s recycling efforts include cardboard, wooden pallet and shrink wrap recycling, automated shrink wrap warehouse packaging instead of manual less efficient packaging, scheduled loading dock times minimize door opening/closures during peak heat hours of the day, trim rendering recycling in the meat unit, and pest control using LEED compliant chemicals. Specific recycling procedures exist for batteries, electronics, LED light bulbs and ink cartridge/toners. Recently, Kuna’s meat department water run-off passed MSD contaminant limitations. Employee safety is addressed in Kuna’s intensive workplace safety programs. Minimizing Kuna’s carbon footprint is achieved by employee participation in Kuna’s One Stream Recycling program and using their company issued sustainable coffee/water cups. Meals are available on site for employees thereby reducing daily auto usage. Kuna’s product delivery system implements computer generated routing and truck fleet equipped with air foil skirts to maximize fuel efficiency.

Kuna’s Commitment to Customers and Community:
Kuna is constantly expanding its sustainable product lines by offering BPI certified compostable products. Available cleaning products carrying EPA’s (DfE) Design for the Environment label are both environmentally friendly and effective. Kuna has selected Beef, Pork, Poultry and Seafood providers that are strongly committed to sustainability in their operations. Their supply chains feature farm raised, non GMO and anti-biotic free processing. Pursuing food safety, Kuna offers the accredited ServSafe training both on and off site to all its customers. Philanthropic endeavors include product donation and /or financial support to Guardian Angel Settlement, Operation Food Search, The Lighthouse Hope Food Pantry, St. Patrick’s Center and St. Anthony’s Hospital. Employees are actively engaged in numerous charitable activities such as ranking among the top regional sponsors in the 2015 JDRF One Walk and 2016 Leukemia Drive and serving on the Boards of both St. Patrick’s Center and St. Anthony’s Hospital.