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JDRF One Walk

The JDRF One Walk is a charity close to our heart here at Kuna Foodservice. We wanted to take the opportunity to recap this years' success at the event. The event raised over $500,000 for Type 1 diabetes and over 16,000 walkers showed up. This is Kuna's second year supporting the team "Clara’s Carb Counters." Clara, is an amazing young girl affected by the disease, and she is also the daughter of our VP of Operations, Gerhard Drechsler.

Clara's Carb Counters came in 2nd place out of 283 teams and raised $30,463. Thank you to all those at Kuna who played a role in Clara’s success. Between the contributions of the Bippen family, close associates, Kuna employees, and Kuna matching, the total Kuna contribution was $6,400! We had 63 Kuna employees participate this year, and that group raised almost $2500! A huge thank you to all that made this event such a success!

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